Maternity Boudoir Photography

Nerdy or Maternity Boudoir

I love making all people, especially women, feel comfortable in their own skin at the stage they are at now – not 6 months later when…. I’ve lost 10kg…toned up my baby belly….regrown my hair post chemo treatment….when my scars have healed.  I know these are all extremely personal and valid reasons, genuine insecurities that conjure up such huge emotions and sometimes make us question our very being.  PLEASE do not put it off any longer.  Boudoir photography is such an empowering experience that I honestly feel everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Nerves are definitely part of the experience. I will do everything in my power to help settle those nerves! Typically by the end of the shoot, your nerves are long gone!

All of the photos I provide are only very lightly edited to soften your skin, remove blemishes, scars, unwanted tattoos, etc. My motto is that if it won’t be there in a week, I’m happy to remove it! I don’t do any body altering as I believe our bodies are beautiful but I will absolutely pose you in positions that are most flattering to your favourite parts!

You provide all your own outfits and props although I’m happy to help you pick out outfits or even send you suggestions! I recommend wearing something that makes you feel sexy and confident. That could be a hot dress, your favourite pair of jeans or sexy underwear.

Nerdy Boudoir photography is an extremely fun twist, where you bring your favourite Cos Play outfits or fancy dress costumes along and truly have some fun. This is all about you!

Maternity Boudoir photography is a beautiful way for you to remember your amazing maternity journey.  9 months for some people is such a long and uneasy time, whilst for others it is clear and smooth sailing and over in a blink. Let me help you celebrate your stages of great transformation that you go through in creating your new little being.

If you are gifting these images to someone, you can think about bringing something meaningful to them – their favourite shirt, sports jersey, a trophy – anything you would like!

Unless you are sharing this experience as a couple, I do prefer that you come alone to avoid any distractions. I really like to take the time to connect with each of my clients on a personal level. I interpret your feelings and emotions, watching you learn how to relax as I use the light, energy and emotions to create your artwork.  It is much harder for us to connect with a 3rd person in the room.

You are not required to use my favourite hair and makeup artist however I highly recommend having professional services done as part of the experience!

I can’t wait for you to see the images from your session and I would love to be able to share the beauty within your images, to encourage others to book a session, to feel as good as you feel. However if you prefer to keep your images private then I fully respect your wishes.


Each session is individually tailored and starts at $400
Albums start at $300

Hair & Makeup can be arranged for you at an additional cost
Please enquire here for more information or to book your session.