Model Development and Agency Representatives

I strongly believe in creating an inclusive, supportive and fun experience for all, this is especially important when guiding young aspiring models along their journey of personal discovery.

I only encourage young model’s to keep within their age appropriate genre, as I have observed all too often them being objectified beyond their years. I prefer the parents of minors to be present whilst their child is in a session. I am happy to give guidance as to age appropriate wardrobe/ costume design.

Through my very active participation in Rockhampton Photography Club Portrait Training Group, I have had many wonderful opportunities to work with and guide the young models in training from Elite Avenue Modelling Agency.

I personally love to work with kids in role play, cos play and superhero costumes where you can watch their confidence soar.

If you are interested in my program and would like further information, please “get in touch” to find out about my popular themed birthday parties or fun model sessions.