Family and Lifestyle Portraits

Family comes in many shapes, sizes and combinations these days and means so many different things for each and every person…. traditional, blended, single parent, multi generations, extended family, best of friends just like a sister (sister from another mother) or fur baby parents.

My camera is fascinated with creating time point keepsakes for the stage you are at now.  Maybe you prefer a contemporary portrait done in the comfort of your own home or on location. Perhaps you wish to build a creative “Modelling Portfolio” or to capture your children as they come in all shapes, sizes, ages and attitudes.

I love to capture everything from those precious newborn toes to seniors and graduates, the restrained, shy introverts to the goofy expressions, sidewards sleepy glances and the magical little giggles.  There is nothing more gorgeous than watching the authentic bonds, emotional connections and unconditional love shared with a pet.  

My dream is to inspire everyone to see their inner beauty, especially at the awkward tween/teen/going on 20 stage/ hey all stages of life…talk to me about being part of my “I CAN…..” and “It’s O.K to be me” projects helping with confidence and self esteem.

My services can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. I particularly love natural lifestyle photography – think walking in the park, playing on the grass, everyday routines at home such as cooking a cake, craft time or reading bedtime stories with parents and grandparents, having lovely senior moments, celebrating a lifetime of achievement.  Ask me about a tailored Milestone Session.