Festival of the Bazaar 2019

Rockhampton turned on beautiful weather for the newly created Festival of the Bazaar. A family friendly festival hosted by the Forum of CQ Reenactors & Costuming Collective, supported by Rockhampton Regional Council and Arts Queensland.

There were amazing displays of camp and village life re-enactments from the Viking and Medieval era. A variety of live entertainment activities involved Steampunk costumers, Light horse riding displays, belly dancers shimmying in colourful costumes, baton twirling, swordsmanship, duelling, archery, food vendors, market stalls and much more.

Although it was a tad warm for those dressed in many, many layers that made up the wonderful costumes, a lot of fun was had by all.

A small entry fee was collected to raise much needed money for the Farmers and Soldier On.

Lovely sponsors were Peace International Archery, Soulful Insights and Johnsons 4WD

Here are just a few pics from the event, sorry I was not able to get around to everything. Feel free to contact me so I can share a link to my online gallery, from there you can then share your favourites with your friends or order prints.

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